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Got to learn to keep moving on

An exceedingly odd license plate frame I saw on campus last week read, ``My other car is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car.'' I don't know how to respond to that claim except to be baffled. It appears to be whimsy, along the lines of the ``My other car is a Tardis'' or the like, but who jokes about the fact they have rented a car? It seems to make sense if the car is owned by an Enterprise Rent-A-Car franchise, but then it's senseless to claim ``my other car'' is one. The person driving the car does not, and if the franchise owner -- who seems the only person who could sensibly call one ``my'' car -- has more than two cars the term ``other car'' isn't reasonable.

The only sense I can make of it is if the car is owned by someone who owns an Enterprise Rent-A-Car franchise to place on his personal, non-rentable, vehicle. In this case we're forced to suppose there are enough Enterprise Rent-A-Car franchise owners who want licence plates like this to get them made, and I can't make myself believe there are that many franchise owners who'd want one.

Yet the frame exists, and I must find a way to fit it into a sensible understanding of the world. If I had a cell phone I might have left a note on the windshield asking for an explanation.

Trivia: Sui Dynasty emperor Yang Di ordered the construction of a canal some 1,500 miles long, which was completed in six years. Source: Journey Into China, Kenneth C. Danforth, editor.

Currently Reading: The Best of C.M. Kornbluth, C. M. Kornbluth. Edited by Frederick Pohl.


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