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Riding the backs of giraffes for laughs is all right for a while

Application received, according to the e-mail from what appears to be the department chair's secretary and the person who is, if I'm not completely wrong, the person I spoke to on my Sunday night and her Monday morning. In fact, the secretary promised that they'll be reviewing my application and will inform me of any outcome, which would be a refreshing change. The secretary also sent in an official Faculty Application form, which requests the information provided in the CV and in the American Mathematical Society cover sheet, only in a slightly different pattern and one which demands the use of Microsoft Word or an equivalent program to fill out electronically. (I suppose it's possible to print out and fill it in by hand, too.) It also has a spot for the enclosing of a recent passport-sized photograph.

All things told, this makes a surprisingly swift week of action on the job front, even if all it amounts to is a promise of questionable sincerity that if they decide to reject me they'll let me know this time. I don't want to sound like one of those guys who clings to things way past the point he should let go, but, really, there's something more than a little ridiculous about me in any non-academic setting, even more than there is something ridiculous about me at all, and that the setting is a place I already know I like is a big bonus.

And I see through Reuters something which finally answers a point I'd wondered about: the T-shirts and caps and such printed out to celebrate the Boston Patriots victory in the Super Bowl have been distributed to children in the city of Diriamba, in southern Nicaragua. I knew that the ``wrong winner'' shirts from these things get distributed to the impoverished in Africa and in Latin America every year; I was just curious about which area specifically got this year's bunch.

Trivia: Clyde Tombaugh first saw Pluto in a set of blink-comparison plates at about 4 in the afternoon. Source: Pluto and Charon, Alan Stern, Jacqueline Mitton.

Currently Reading: The Wizards of Armageddon, Fred Kaplan.


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