austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

I can't stop my brain, you know it's three weeks

So we had the ceremony on Spindizzy, and I hope gave butterfluff a good remembrance. I need to stop going home in early summers; it seems to correlate with losing friends. Still, I felt a bit better after all of that, even if it hurts to finally again see so many (hi, blither) under such terms.

I ended the day going into work and showing that, yes, I'm still around ... they did change the locks on me, though. Actually, one lock; the little desk drawer locks were determined to be insecure -- they all used the same key -- and thus were replaced with what I assume are different keys for each office. I don't find the key compelling, though, since the lockable drawers are in a little detached portion of desk that comes on rollers, so that you could just slide it out anyway. Sure, you might be seen, but I'm willing to bet most of the day if you had access to the floor you could roll away the entire contents and disassemble the drawers at your leisure. The lesson: lock your door.

And the Malaysian government has declared the air pollution index to be a state secret, apparently for fear of damage to the tourist industry if it's generally learned there's a lot of dust and smoke in the air. (It's forest fires in India or Indonesia or Malaysia -- I'm not quite awake enough to hear it clearly -- causing it.) The air in Singapore is a bit hazy; the pictures of Kuala Lumpur suggest it's more serious there.

Trivia: The National Marbles Hall of Fame in Wildwood, New Jersey awards scholarships to winners of the annual marbles tournament. Source: New Jersey Firsts: The Famous, Infamous, and Quirky of the Garden State, Harry Armstrong and Tom Wilk.

Currently Reading: The Sunless World, Neil R. Jones. In the far future a human professor becomes one of the tentacled cyborg aliens who roam the galaxy questing for grand adventure and novel experiences. (It's reprinted 1930s pulp stories, so don't go leering, you.)


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