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And why not a job hunt failure update, if nothing else to make everyone else feel better about the jobs they actually have? I haven't heard anything from that Singapore posting, although I got everything in to them and I have got to be better than leaving the post vacant another year. Maybe they're busy explaining they didn't have any part in the Mas Selamat escape.

The local university posting -- the one I thought I was sure to get last year -- I've sent the new application in for. They wanted among other things unofficial transcripts of my academic career, and one of the happy side effects of putting everything away for the home appraiser was I found the folder with my unofficial transcript copies so I don't need new ones. They were tucked under the bed where I couldn't miss them. I didn't bring up that I applied for the same job last year, although I was more careful to point out in my cover letter that this stuff they say they want I'm perfect for, with examples.

A community college to which one of my mother's friends directed me sent their official Application Form so that I could re-enter the stuff already on my CV in a different and Microsoft Word-based format. I don't want to sound like a narrow-minded Mac partisan but I would like to know why Word can't do anything in any way that makes any sense, ever. Cheerily, the e-mail said, ``If you meet the minimum qualifications for this position, you will receive further information.'' I don't want to badmouth potential employers but, man, community colleges need to get over themselves. Getting my work permit as foreign talent in Singapore required less hoop-jumping and imperious dictates than every community college I've given an application has wanted.

The most curious recent development was an e-mailed rejection from a university in Pennsylvania that I don't remember applying to. The only evidence I have that I did apply is their rejection, since I can't believe they would be so obnoxious as to go rejecting people who hadn't sent at least an electronic application. I've given up on electronic applications as useless: at least paper ones draw rejection letters reliably. The odd thing was they pointed out they do have a two-year visiting assistant professor position opening this fall and invited me to apply. I don't know if this is to make all the rejected applicants feel a tiny bit better or there is some subset of us they feel actually might fit that job instead. The e-mail was cc'd to a mass-mail list, but it had my name in the greetings, so they at least have working Perl scripts.

Trivia: The word ``pigeon'' derives from the Roman pipio, an approximation to the pipping noise which young pigeons make. Source: Webster's Dictionary of Word Origins, Editor Frederick C Mish.

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