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We're gonna get awnings

The day started early: my parents wanted to shop for a new car, and wanted me along, so I could verify whether the backseat was comfortable enough for me to ride along on weekend trips with them and that the front seat felt comfortable for me driving them on weekend trips. Our first appointment was at 10:00 at Toyota to try a Something-Or-Other with the salesman who'd chatted with my parents the day before. We got there at 10:00. The salesman wasn't there. My mother explained we made an appointment with him yesterday. ``He was with us yesterday. He was with us this morning. He's not with us now.'' His name had been stricken from that tote board with sales associate process facilitators on it. We couldn't get any precise notion of just what happened, but it sounded quite interesting.

They found another customer experience synergism director, and we tried out a 2008 Something, which we discovered had many nice features, such as fitting all of us inside. The rear seat belt likes to lock up on me, but I'm acclimated to that, and I can minimize the times it happens by very careful moves in getting into the belt. I liked the navigation system as well, but my parents rejected that option. My father resents the idea that people might drive anywhere they weren't already familiar (it's not possible to name an intersection in the mid-Atlantic states which he doesn't know, and he's got North and South Carolina plus New England except for Maine down as well). My mother said that if they were to get a navigation system she wanted one that you could pop out and take from car to car. I suspect this is an excuse, as the navigation system puts up the street names around one's car, and my mother urgently needs to read any text her eye alights on. I have the similar trait but better control of it.

Anyway, the appraisal of my father's car -- intended to be traded in for a newer car with a different and hopefully smaller set of nagging little problems -- came out less than my father was happy with, so we left. My father pointed out the faded-olive-green car they drove yesterday and which color he hated while my mother loved (I think it's unpleasantly faint, but not awful), and we went off to Honda for the 11:00 appointment to try a Something Else.

Trivia: Moses Bruines Cotsworth founded the International Almanac Reform League in 1914. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Imperial Earth, Arthur C Clarke. I'm lingering, yes, but I think with cause. Plus, it's the latest-written science fiction novel in which I've noticed calendar reform playing any part, however small.


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