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``My salesmen are slobs'' ``No they aren't'' ``Yes they do'' Huh?

Buying a car: my parents and I were left to sit in a cubicle office at Toyota for a while, but eventually, a woman we'd never met before came in, smiled, and had roughly forty pages for my parents to sign. These were to take care of various chores about transferring title of the trade-in, and agreeing to tell the Motor Vehicle Commission about all this (so they could get the new license plates), and various other agreements, most of them involving Vehicle Identification Numbers. Partway through, the woman discovered that there was an error in the forms, when she noticed the Vehicle Identification Number was an impossible one for the 2008 Something, and it was obviously intended for a 2008 Something Else. Actually, they had written down the vehicle model wrong on the form, so that while the Vehicle Identification Number was (I guess) correct, the Something Else was the one we wanted. So about six pages had to be re-printed-out by some underling and then re-signed.

I assume this was an honest accident and the sharp-eyed paperwork woman noticed something funny, because the thought that they were setting up a little phony play to prove they had people to look over financial paperwork who could read the secret information buried within Vehicle Identification Numbers would be sad. But for some reason one of the re-done papers had to be re-done another time because of some other similar glitch.

So we went to sitting around waiting for some step we couldn't guess at. My father asked for the license plates from his old car and one of the sales folk promised that they'd take it off. He likes to return plates to Motor Vehicles in person. And while we were around, with sometimes my father and sometimes my mother wandering off looking to be a little less bored by inactivity, I received contradictory information about why my father's last car was not a Scion. My father says it's because my mother rejected them out of hand; my mother says it's because my father said the hood was too low. The truth probably depends on whether Scions come with heated seats.

Trivia: On its first launch Columbia lifted off at T+4 seconds on the countdown clock, instead of T-0 seconds, due to a late engineering re-assessment of the ``twang'' movement following main engine starts. Source: Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System: The First 100 Missions, Dennis R Jenkins.

Currently Reading: The Great Radio Heroes, Jim Harmon. It's a late 60s ode to the great old-time radio non-comedies, which I bought in a used book store for five dollars. It sold originally in hardcover at $4.95, so this gives a return-on-investment of something like 0.025 percent per year. That may not sound like much, but wouldn't all those people who bought houses the last two years like performance like that now?


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