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Must be funny in the rich man's world

My father's credit report had some details that belong on my credit history, since we share a name and you can't expect these big corporations whose existence depends on the reliable, accurate gathering of information correctly matched to individuals to be able to tell apart people born thirty years apart, one of whom spent most of this decade in Singapore and most of the decade before that in New York State, while the other lived in New Jersey and then, eventually, moved almost ten whole miles farther south in New Jersey.

So we wondered what my credit history looks like. I haven't actually checked my credit history, well, ever, for no good reason. Yes, I know, I should. I should also see a dentist sometime this year, but I'm sure I won't do that either. But the financial arrangements officer swore it'd be no problem and they could mine in almost no time, so, why not?

I know this will cause untold future confusion: they can't just run someone's credit history for absolutely no reason, since that turns into the sort of privacy issue resulting in scandals that nobody cares about even when they should. I had to sign as a co-applicant for the loan which would be used to cover the car, even though I wouldn't be involved in the car except for perhaps someday driving it. My form was the one which my father signed as a real applicant, though the car's in my mother's name, which means the merger of our credit ratings is sure to continue and will never be sorted out, ever, for the rest of either of our lives.

I hope someday I have a son, to whom I'll give the same name again, so we can extend this little Bernoulli-ish baffling of the credit agencies.

Anyway, while my credit is decent it's just barely above average, so getting my parents' inevitable reliable car payments on my record will probably help me. Counting against my credit-worthiness were that I have no recent history of car purchases -- I paid cash (well, a check) for my car -- and not much of a credit card history -- I have two cards, one that I use, and I pay off each month. Also, they don't seem to have any record of my Singapore existence. Also I have some stuff which has got to be part of my father's refinancing the mortgage recently on my history. In total, most of my credit history is not my own, but I'm paid-up on all accounts.

Trivia: The Kelvin temperature scale was named for Lord Kelvin in 1908, the year after his death. Source: A Thread Across The Ocean, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson. Sometimes you need to be subtly nudged to realize something: the phonograph came about when Edison thought about using telephone gear (he developed some alternate microphones and such for Western Union to evade Bell patents) with a telegraph repeater (literally saving ticks for playback at a more convenient time). That is, it's the fusion of the new thing he had with something he had laying around. Reading this I realized, oh! Of course! It's almost obvious put in that order.


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