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A team o' wild horses couldn't tear us apart

Back to the financial paperwork guy in the car-buying experience process: this was the stage of car-buying where dozens of papers in various oddly sized configurations were to be printed out, some with my mother's name, some with my father's name. Curiously, my father's name proved to be difficult -- he typed it in incorrectly once, printed it out, noticed it, and tore the sheet up to print out a second draft. The second draft had a different misspelling, this time a transposition of characters. I suppose one gets a bit lax about typing errors when it's so easy to run off another copy, but this came to at least five mistakes I noticed in the process of filing paperwork to that point, which seems a bit unnerving when it's a matter of monthly payments for five years to come.

But finally my parents got to signing everything, and my father asked again for the license plate to the old and soon to be ex-car. Ex-ours, anyway. My father didn't want to harp on this point, but something like one and a half dozen cars ago he left the license plate for the guy buying the car to turn in, and he didn't for a year and a half or so, leading to an annoying paperwork hangup that he's never gotten over. They swore again that they'd take the license plate off and give it to my father right away.

However, we waited a while, and they finally came in with one plate to report that while they were able to take one license plate off easily, they couldn't get the other off. Apparently the bolts for that had managed to fuse into the car frame so that it simply wouldn't budge. They said they were taking it around back to the garage so they could snip the bolt and take it off that way. At that they needed another half-hour or so before they made their progress, and finally turned over the old plates. I don't know how it is we got into a quirky diversion with license plates, or how we got license plates to spot-weld themselves, but consider the people to whom it happened. We're just lucky that the plates could be removed as simply as by cutting the bolts.

Trivia: King George IV's visit to Scotland in 1822 was the first visit to Scotland by a reigning monarch since 1650. Source: How The Scots Invented The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.


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