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Throw my hands up and shout

Now, what had me pulled away from routine Friday and Saturday: my sister got married. I've not let on any explicit mention of it, but one of the things occasionally pulling out random stretches of time the past year has been activity where I was pulled along to something vaguely wedding-related. It's been one of the amusements of my sister-in-law that everyone else in the world is better-informed about the goings on of our family than we ourselves are, but there's good reason for this: all right, there's not. I think we tend to assume everybody already knows the stuff we already know, and so there's no point boring other people with stuff they already know.

Mild bits of amusing slices of life began early. For example, my mother asked how to recline the back seats in the new Toyota Something so that the wedding dress could be laid out in the trunk and seats flat for transport up to the hotel and the ceremony location. The seats in the Something don't lay flat. All that happens is you can open up a little hole in the center seat. This might be the moment my mother starts to fall out of love with the Something, and she needed some convincing that no, not every car they looked at had the folding seats. Apparently folding is incompatible with the ability of the rear seats to recline a good five degrees or so, which my father finds the most wonderful thing ever.

And come Friday shortly before noon my father woke me up to ask if I was getting up before noon. Apparently the plan had been that we should start out around 11 am to make it up to a jeweler's, then to my sister's apartment to pick up wedding favors, then up to the ceremony-and-reception location to deliver them, and finally back to the hotel where we could wait for the rehearsal dinner. Well, this was the first anyone had told me about a planned departure time. My father refused to say that I should hurry or do much of anything particular in getting ready. So, we got going about 1 pm, and dealt with a long string of calls from various women in the party asking where things were, and we finally arrived at the hotel with only four hours to spare before the rehearsal dinner.

Trivia: Before the adoption of the International Date Line, the Netherlands used the longitude of Batavia as its date line. Source: Time Lord: Sir Sandford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time, Clark Blaise.

Currently Reading: Soon I Will Be Invincible, Austin Grossman.


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