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Louis, dear, it's too slow for me here, so I think I will go for a ride

The hotel was maybe not strictly necessary, but saved an hour of driving the morning of the ceremony. My mother called minutes before we got there to say what room I -- and my sister -- would be in. This room number was nearly right, except that one was the second room of a two-room suite being used as staging and make-up preparation area. I was in the adjacent room, to sleep until 6 am; at 6 am my father would be kicked out of his bed and into my sister's, while my sister started being primped over. My mother couldn't keep straight the numbers, and handed me the key card for the room I would have, but told me the wrong number, and tried to correct me when I went to the room she told me, which didn't match the key. The original room number none of us had the key for, but it would in the morning be propped open anyway. She doesn't usually show tension like that.

When my father and I arrived my mother was sitting in the garden, taking in the breezeless sun and having my mother snatch the courtesy copy of the Star-Ledger from my father before he could mess it up. We also saw what looked like my aunt and uncle from New England coming in. We expected them, of course, but this was earlier than we thought likely, and we waved to them to discover it wasn't them at all. Well, we couldn't tell in the glare of the sunlight on the windows. They did wonder who it was waving at them.

Upstairs, I was told my sister was napping. Actually, she was more reading Twinkie, Deconstructed and watching a semi-competent cartoon in which computer-animated farm animals make a movie. The jokes were all right but mis-constructed (for example, using two Wizard of Oz references in short order on the appearance of a tornado, one of them referring to an Emerald City scene), and what bugged me was the character designs. They seemed to be based more on being easily-rendered objects than actually looking like a particular animal. In fact, there was one which neither of us could even guess at the species. That's probably not the normal sort of thing to worry about in the 24 hours before getting married, but it's better than anxiety.

Trivia: The 1904 Olympic Games were originally awarded to Chicago, but were moved to Saint Louis to be linked with the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which was moved from 1903 to 1904 to swipe the games. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle. (And reading about it in capsule form, the 1904 games look mighty weird. I must look into this more.)

Currently Reading: Leave It To Psmith, P G Wodehouse.


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