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Now the milkman's on his way, it's too late to say goodnight

Come the morning I woke about a half-hour before 6 am, and tried to stay asleep while my mother and my sister fussed over things. There's a lot of fussing to be done. And my father moved in, so that he could sleep loudly. Finally I was officially woken up, for the one task I knew ahead of time I would have: going out to get bagels, muffins, and coffee. It had rained overnight, and the car was beaded with water. We expected rain, as my rain-goddess aunt was visiting and she's got a 35-year-long documented record of bringing rain to events, including at least one instance in which she broke a two-month-long drought. If she ever visited Alice Springs, Australia would become the wet continent. I can't imagine what would happen were she to visit Venice.

The bagel and muffin order seemed to confuse the clerk working at Panera Bread, who kept ringing up bagels until we got to a dozen, then realized this was satisfied as a Bagel Pack or whatever the name is, and rang that up, and then put in a thirteenth bagel so it would be the pack, and then with the cream cheese to a different Bagel Pack, making a deal which ... I really don't understand, but the register topped thirty dollars before somehow figuring out what was going on and coming to the right price of something like twenty dollars total. Coffee was only a little more confused (my sister, the maid of honor, and the photographer had custom orders), but I carried out my only known duty correctly. The toughest part was I had two arms full of stuff when I got out to the car, and no really good way to open the doors (or the trunk) without putting cardboard or paper bags down on wet surfaces.

But I negotiated this and only three hours until I had to put on my new suit and be present for the ceremony. It turned out this would not be quite enough: my mother rejected the idea of my wearing light but presentable dress socks, so I was left with the other pair of dress socks I brought, which proved, on investigation, to somehow be a small pair of gloves. I don't know how. Fortunately -- and this tells you much of my family -- my father had brought a backup pair of not-quite-so-dark socks that he wanted to wear with his tuxedo, so he took off his primary socks for me to wear. Silly? Yes. But if he hadn't brought backup socks, I would have had to wear my backup socks instead.

Trivia: Moses Bruines Cotsworth's proposed new calendar had the months renamed to be based on their number or on their zodiac signs. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Leave It To Psmith, P G Wodehouse.


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