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Bells will ring

My sister's wedding, itself, was a pleasant ceremony, presided over by a charming and friendly rabbi. My sister's not Jewish, and neither is her husband. It's just that my sister was Maid of Honor at a wedding last year, and she really quite liked the rabbi for that, and so wedding planning was based around him. There were a couple of pieces of Jewish ceremony taken into this -- particularly both parents bringing my sister to the altar (well, to a splendid little cove with a matrix of candles behind it) -- although not the whole thing (my sister thought breaking glasses was wasteful of glass). I'm not sure what a rabbi felt about being asked to preside over two gentiles' wedding, but since he was willing to preside on the Sabbath, and for that matter on the last day of Passover, I suppose he's flexible. (I don't actually know if there are reservations about marrying on the Sabbath or during Passover, but they do seem like things which might invite reservations.)

I'd like to offer photographs, but my mother thrust her camera into my hands and told me to take pictures, so while I got a couple hundred they're on my mother's computer and I don't know if I'll get copies for myself. My mother assured me that the pictures were wonderful, though, and she's very happy with what I took, and that will be combined with the pictures that other people took and maybe even the pictures from the professional photographer to make pretty near incontestable proof that this event really and truly did take place.

The setting was a lovely little restaurant somewhere deep in northern New Jersey, a different spot from the one where George Washington allegedly knocked himself unconscious. While it had rained in the morning, things cleared up enough for there to be awkward shadows from the sunlight just around the ceremony, and I got to meet again the woman who gave my parents the new kitten. It turns out that the kitten's mother has had another litter, despite having been -- all sincerely believed -- fixed last time. Apparently she broke again. But her siblings and (half) siblings are, by reports, quite happy and prone to jumping on things too. Nice to know.

Trivia: The differentiation of cloud types by their altitude adopted by the International Meteorological Congress in 1896 is a version of the cloud description system developed nearly a century before by Jean-Baptiste-Pierre-Antoine de Monet de Lamarck. Source: The Invention of Clouds, Richard Hamblyn.

Currently Reading: Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, As Told By Its Stars, Writers, and Guests, Tom Shales, James Miller.


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