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You got me so I don't know what I'm doing now

Following the reception ... well, there was a fair bit of confusion in which I was sent out to the car a couple of times, which required getting the keys from the people running the valet service. The first time I was sent out was during the snacks and before the reception proper, actually, to get a pair of less agonizingly uncomfortable shoes for my mother. However, given the fact that in the car were shoes for the chores from the day before, for the rehearsal dinner, and apparently this alternate pair for the reception, and there might be a duplicate set for my sister's I was not at all sure that I was picking the right pair. I did have my father's hand phone and attempted to call my mother, but she let the call go to voice mail. But I was saved by a good stroke of fortune: on my way back in I ran into my sister, and I explained why I was carrying around a pair of shoes (which, based on her lack of comment, appeared not to be hers). So she volunteered to take them to our mother. No matter what, nothing my sister did that day could be wrong in our mother's eyes. I should have held up a tube of Mentos and smiled.

Later on there was some complicated maneuvering because there were things of my sister's which had to go into her husband's car -- so I needed his car keys too -- and while this was a clear and well-defined pile in the hotel room, it had gotten thoroughly mixed up and dispersed with other hotel stuff in the attempt to fit it into the backseat of my mother's convertible. I made my best guess, and since nobody's called to complain since I suppose that worked out just fine overall. I also wanted to get out of my mother's car one of my bags -- the one with my laptop, basically -- to put into the Toyota Something because I was informed I would be riding home in that, along with my mother.

So it was in the aftermath of the reception that my parents stole a leather jacket. It wasn't intentional; there was just an unclaimed jacket on some coat rack somewhere when everybody seemed to have left but us, and it looked somewhat like the jacket of one of my mother's friends, and it was the next day we established that it was not hers and nobody knew whose it might be.

Trivia: The first edition of James Gordon Bennett's New York Herald, appearing 6 May 1835, was a four-page broadsheet and priced at one penny. Source: The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune, Richard Kluger.

Currently Reading: Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, As Told By Its Stars, Writers, and Guests, Tom Shales, James Miller.


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