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In America it's TV dinner

So my mother was indeed hungry but too tire to go out to dinner. My brother suggested stopping for takeout at a Vegan place in New Brunswick, where he used to go all the time five years ago. My mother and I grinned skeptically, but, hey, if he knew where it was ... He insisted he sort of remembered, that it was ... somewhere around ... ... no. Well, did he remember the name? No. We settled on another place whose name he didn't remember, and it was right where he said, except it was on the other side of the street, and several blocks farther south, and its sign was completely different and, it turned out, had changed its menu. But he found hummus-based food forms.

Back home at last and with time to relax we ate. I didn't think I'd be that hungry, but, huh. And I gave him belated Christmas presents, since he wasn't able to get home for actual Christmas, and which I had bought the weekend before the wedding. This was a collection of Woody Allen essays, and one of the DC Showcase collections of Legion of Super Heroes, which does not alas contain the classic ``Can Nothing Stop Computo?'' adventure, but does feature equally hilariously goofball incidents, many of them involving Bouncing Boy doing too much bouncing.

My brother set up the Netflix on-demand service to which he's subscribed, but which he can't use because it doesn't work on his Linux machine, on my father's laptop and proved the concept by showing 1776. It brought questions to my mind, like, would John Adams have worked so devotedly for the cause of American independence if he suspected that in a few short years he would have to make endless sarcastic comments toward Michael Knight? If that wouldn't stop him, would an understanding of Knight Rider 2000 lurking in his future do it?

Trivia: 8 May 1945 -- V-E Day -- was the first full day President Harry S Truman lived in the White House (and Truman's 61st birthday). Source: Truman, David McCullough.

Currently Reading: Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide To The Elements, John Emsley. It's a guide to the elements, with notes about their history, economy, environment, health, and other factors; Emsley also promises at least one surprise about every element, but warns there is one for which he could find nothing surprising. He doesn't say which, but I'm going to guess that it's one of the lanthanides, the tedious filler of the periodic table. Overall, though, the question is: how is it this book wasn't written by Isaac Asimov?


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