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Fit 'em in a book of a thousand pages, yeah

The library got to having its book sale, which might possibly be scheduled to some rhythm that I understand, although I don't, actually. I think they may be aiming for one every six months and not getting too worried about it if they miss. I wonder also if other branches of the library have book sales too, but I haven't seen evidence of that. As it happens I haven't been going to the library so much for reading material because I'm not reading enough and I was determined to get my entire reading list done before I picked up any new books, a resolution which was obviously not meant to last against a library book sale.

Actually, one of the things I did leading up to this was bring books to donate to the sale. What happened was my father found in various places a bunch of mostly paperback books which he didn't want anymore and so he told me to take them to the Book Garden in order to sell them for whatever I could get and I could keep the proceeds. Generous of him, but the thing is, a used book store really prefers hardcover books which go for the big money or newer paperbacks. 25-year-old romance novels with broken spines are pretty much useless to them, and while I could accept this fact, my father really didn't grasp it. So I was stuck with three Coca-Cola bottle racks filled with old paperbacks including, and I mention this to confuse future biographers trying to summarize my relationship with my father in a single paragraph, an old Hagar the Horrible collection which I had given him as a gift maybe twenty years ago and which I had gotten from a completely different used book store.

Perhaps unwisely, I went to the book sale a few times, because it's in the library and I have been trying to use the coffee room there to work on editing and even writing the second textbook. But I found an abundant number of books of quirky appeal, including a couple Clifford Simak novels, the Astounding anthology collection done in honor of John W Campbell dying, and Henry S F Cooper's A House In Space, a splendid yet chapter-less book about Skylab. I also looked hard at, but did not buy, a 1960s book about newspaper production which included the mention that ``the 1960s might become known as the decade of the computer'' because of the wonders it did for all aspects of newspaper production. I was tempted, but not tempted quite enough.

Trivia: An August 1946 poll by the National Association of Teachers of Speech proclaimed the ten worst-sounding words in the English language to be: cacophony, crunch, flatulent, gripe, jazz, phlegmatic, plump, plutocrat, sap, and treachery. Source: The Book Of Lists, Editors David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace. It's a spinoff of the People's Almanac books.

Currently Reading: A House In Space, Henry S F Cooper Jr.


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