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How do you know what you feel is it real, is it?

Back to my not actually interesting hard drive puzzle: Since I was determined to buy some sort of hard drive I resolved to go to the mall with the Apple Store and not leave until I bought something. It turns out the Apple Store is the only place in the mall selling hard drive themed products. I had thought at least Radio Shack might, and was wrong. They had the major species of hard drive -- external, portable, and Time Capsule -- so I could stare at the wall of digital products while green-shirted people asked if I needed help finding anything.

Neatly, someone else came to the same wall, asking questions about the Time Capsule, and the Apple Store Employee got to explaining the convenience and that for pretty much everyone the 500 Gigabyte version was really plenty of storage space. It comes in 500 Gigabyte and 1 Terabyte forms, you see, and while it took me about three years to exhaust my old 120 Gigabyte external hard drive, I have a bigger hard drive now and really should be backing up more. So I chose to buy a Time Capsule, in the 500 Gigabyte size, and not worry that I might turn out to have wished I made a wiser choice.

I was stopped by a silly consideration: what if I should get an overseas job? Would I need more than a plug adaptor? This not unreasonably stumped my Apple Store Employee Experience Coordinator, who thought that the device used an external brick of power and a different plug head would be easily slipped on, but he wasn't sure. He dove -- there's no more accurate word -- under one of the product demonstration tables to try finding the far end of the exhibition Time Capsule.

But if you consider the impenetrable tangle into which your computer's cables are tied then you can imagine what it's like underneath the table where a half-dozen Apple products of varied sorts hide their cords, particularly when they're crumpled to fit underneath shelves and hide from passing customers. After he spent a reasonable time trying to find what, if anything, their Time Capsule was plugged into I said it was fine, and I'd buy it on the assumption there was a brick of power somewhere in the box.

It turns out the power cable plugs directly into the machine, no brick.

Trivia: Of the 85,000 shares in the Suez Canal's initial stock offering which were reserved for sale in Great Britain, Russia, Austria, and the United States, none were sold. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: Worlds of Maybe, Editor Robert Silverberg. Tales of alternate history. It starts with the granddaddy of them all, Murray Leinster's ``Sidewise In Time'', which was unfortunately written in the 1930s and so therefore not just explains the alternate history in excruciating detail but requires characters to explain points-of-departure for the alternate timelines as soon as they possibly can. Plus, of course, there's a somewhat mad scientist hoping to conquer any old world as long as he can conquer it. I'd be more selective about which world I conquered, were I mad.


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