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Dance floor is like the sea

We've had the first heat wave of the year. It wasn't long but it did its part in being warm. Unfortunately my mother was away all day Saturday for her college reunion, so that my father certainly wan't going to turn on the air conditioner for any reason as flimsy as the cats turning into little molten puddles dangling over the edge of his bed. (My mother and her friends from college, who already see one another about every month, took the chance to come stay in her college's dorms for a couple of days. I guess the alumni association was hoping that the stay in the newly built dorms would allow the people attending their reunions to form lifelong friendships.) This is the kitten's first summer, of course, and she's discovering just how hot things have to get before even her semi-sister refuses to play with her.

Sunday the heat wave got a bit worse, and so I spent most of the night and morning trying to sleep despite the stillness of the air -- while my room has a ceiling fan, my father has not gotten around to installing the switch which would let it be turned on, since he has only been in this house for eight years and there's no sense rushing to these things -- until Mom got home and had the air conditioning turned on. For the afternoon, too, we got our first blackout of the season. It wasn't a long one, but it was enough to interrupt the middle of a Usenet post I was writing correcting someone who'd remembered important parts of Isaac Asimov's ``Nightfall'' incorrectly.

The annoying part after this was that my computer didn't seem to want to see the Time Capsule. I could point out the hard drive's existence on Airport Utility, which is supposed to set things up, but it didn't want to do anything with it. I did plug it in by the Ethernet cable, and that apparently gave it the hint to use this hard drive, since it's been doing the proper backups since then. I suppose the lesson is, don't have power failures. The side effects of the blackout have caused the ISP to throw a hissy fit and sometimes give up on connections midway through, but that's not my fault.

Trivia: 1941's Triple Crown winning horse, Whirlaway, is the only horse to have won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes, and Travers Stakes (in Saratoga) in the same year. Source: 1941: The Greatest Year In Sports, Mike Vaccaro.

Currently Reading: The Mother Tongue: English And How It Got That Way, Bill Bryson.


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