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More curious dreams; and for some reason, my subconscious has decided it's time to start writing fan fiction. I should preface this by pointing out I don't have anything specifically against the Get Smart movie makers except that I really insist they not screw it up. (I've heard two jokes in commercials or reviews which suggest maybe they didn't completely screw it up.) But what I was dreaming was Maxwell Smart, the classic, Don Adams, sort, and he was going up against an invisible agent. I had the impression it might be Invisibo, the invisible mummy from Freakazoid! but am not positive. There was no sign of Freakazoid around; perhaps he was invisible.

Primarily Smart was trying to track Ivisibo somewhere around the National Mall. It was after dark and he had somehow deduced that it would be helpful to him to have the spotlights on full. Unfortunately, the National Park guy in charge of the lights did not like or trust Max at all, and didn't believe he was anything other than a guy up to mischief by turning on the lights. (Also, apparently, at night the lights are supposed to be turned off.) And there was this unrelated obnoxious kid -- whose presence had somehow locked Max into insisting his name was ``Charlie Charlie'' which contributed greatly to the National Park guy's distrust -- who would very happily get the National Park guy back whenever Max had the lights turned on.

I don't remember that Get Smart ever used invisible people, which seems odd given the prospects for physical comedy that implies. I even had a moment in which it seemed like the obvious problem was addressed: sure, invisible KAOS agents wouldn't be able to see because no light would be stopped by their retinas. Thus, KAOS would use the invisibility on agents who were already blind. Fully awake, this doesn't actually sound funny; it seems almost like a pedestrial explanation of things. I suppose it depends on how it plays on screen.

Trivia: Eight of the 88 books known to have been printed in Paris, France, in 1501 were printed in French. 121 of the 456 published in 1530 were. Source: Ideas: A History from Fire to Freud, Peter Watson.

Currently Reading: Challenge To Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race, 1945 - 1974, Asif A Siddiqi.


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