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Shades of orange and shades of green

I was showering, as is my wont, and I noticed the bathroom got a bit darker for a second, and then came back to normal brightness. I groaned to myself: a power brownout this early in the day? Given the heat that means there's sure to be a blackout, and that's going to be such an inconvenience.

Then I remembered: I don't have the lights on. I was showering in the natural sunlight through the little window. The electricity doesn't enter into the question. This has done nothing to resolve my fears.

I discovered while digging around the pile of RSS News feeds which I don't actually read, most of the time, but which I don't seem to be able to motivate myself to remove from my web browser's review, some news about Zimbabwe. I don't have any particular investment in Zimbabwe's fate other than an I think reasonable interest in a story that sadly involves a great number of people suffering awfully. President Robert Mugabe instituted a set of economic reforms which ruined the nation's economy with an efficiency and speed like that of Simba's uncle Scar (I suppose fairness requires noting that Mugabe asserts the problem are wholly due to the British conspiring to destroy him), and I can't help but stare in disbelief as Zimbabwe's economists stop attempting to calculate the rate of inflation, last figured at something like 100,000 percent and climbing, because there aren't enough goods on the shelves anymore to calculate a rate of inflation. But I ran across a short piece reporting that the University of Massachusetts has withdrawn an honorary degree given him. I'm glad that somebody's finally taking some responsible action.

Trivia: There were 42 commemorative medals struck to celebrate the coronation of British King George V in 1911. Source: ``The British Monarchy, c 1820 - 1977'', David Cannadine. The Invention of Tradition, Edited Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Challenge To Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race, 1945 - 1974, Asif A Siddiqi.


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