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The cracked brass bells will ring

One of those odd things which comes up around me suspiciously often happened from stopping at Wawa, which it might be useful to explain is a chain of convenience stores often with gas stations attached and which generally have lower-than-average prices. I was pulling into the parking lot ahead of getting gas, since I also wanted to get a soda. There's nothing stopping me from going into the store for whatever I want to pick up while the gas is filling, of course, other than that I've taken to listening to audio books and I like having the extra time to get my ``reading'' done.

So I circled around a short while looking for a good parking space, by which I mean one I don't have to back out of, and accepted that the best spot was next to a car with a rear window decorated with messages written on in that chalk-soap thing normally used to obstruct the windows of newlywed's cars. It didn't seem likely to me that newlyweds would be stopping at Wawa, although the extra-sweet iced tea is really worth some attention even on the happiest day of one's life. New graduates seemed more probable.

And then I looked at what was written in the rear window. It read:
                                          BG #2
                          May Angels Guide You In
with a few stars and crosses decorating the corners.

I'd never imagined that sort of things as being something to decorate the car for. I don't begrudge people their grief, or how they choose to express it, particularly when it is pretty low-key and it's not disrupting anyone else's activities. It's just that I hadn't imagined rear-window messages to be all that probable an expression. Given that this particular Wawa is near a theme park, I wonder if it wasn't high-school or college-grade young adults playing a curious prank on people who wander past expecting something like ``Summer Vacation Fun Trip 2008'' or the like, in which case I probably wasn't the right person to see it.

Trivia: The world's first sugar-beet factory was built in Silesia in 1801-02. Source: Food In History, Reay Tannahill.

Currently Reading: The Rules of Baseball, David Nemec.


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