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This is the strangest life I've ever known

My mother said she was going to go to the Monday evening Open Yoga session. While I've been attending yoga classes reliably, I haven't gone to extra sessions, even though the classes are undoubtedly good exercise for me -- really, I could use most any sort of exercise, and you can't tell me Sun Salutations, in which you bend every way the standard-issue body does bend in short order, isn't quite a few sorts -- and I seem to be doing pretty well with them. At least the people running the yoga sessions say that my form is looking good and that they like the spirit I bring to it. I think for the most part that's because I've figured how to keep my back reasonably straight. That makes a lot of the poses look better even if I can't, for example, touch my toes by bending over, or even get anywhere particularly near my toes. But I think I get closer than I used to, so there's progress there as well.

So it seemed to me sensible to go in for a second session and after all what does it cost except a bit of time and what does it hurt except any muscles which end up sore the next day? So I went up after an afternoon of taking care of minor bits of shopping. (Normally, I buy shampoo two bottles at a time, and when I start the last bottle buy two more. I didn't do this last time, and had to resort to what you get left by hanging the shampoo bottle upside-down in the towel rack even for my fresh-cut and thus less demanding hair.)

There wasn't anyone gathering for a class when I got there. Nor was anyone aware of a class coming up in the near future. the guy there admitted it was possible someone had arranged a special class and that he hadn't heard, since the yoga center is surprisingly not the most rigorously organized culture around. I was welcome to wait around a while, of course, and I scratched the rather large dog they had around -- one of my life's goals is to be on good terms with any dogs I encounter -- but, ultimately, I came home without any yoga experience other than making a dog happy. When my mother got home she didn't mention the yoga experience either.

Trivia: Moses Bruines Cotsworth's reformed calendar had 13 months of 28 days each, the 13th month being Sol, fit between June and July. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Final Circle of Paradise, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. DAW paperback translated-Soviet-science fiction the way only DAW in the 1970s could provide.


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