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[ Still abnormal even considering. You'll hear more soon. ]

Erk. They'd like a picture too. That should not be taken to suggest that I have any reason to think I've done anything more than make the ten finalists for the essay contest. It's just that tucked along with the request for biographical information and local newspapers to tell about my existence they'd also like to have a photograph of me to send out. Fortunately I'm in good shape for this due to my recent haircut, which has me looking much more professional and a bit taller than usual. And I even have a couple of nice reasonably new shirts to wear to show off, as well.

But the fact of things is that I don't have many pictures of myself, and most of what I have aren't that good. When mixed in with my family I'm the one given the camera because I have a rough idea of how to compose pictures and I usually end up taking a couple of good shots. (The secret: take a lot of pictures. Film is cheap, particularly when you don't actually need film.) And I like that since I have got just enough of the Inner Artiste that I like figuring out good pictures and taking them and hoping against hope that the exposure time will be right so things will look as good as they do on the LCD viewfinder. But it means the pictures of me are slightly tilted, oddly framed things by someone who grabbed the camera from me so that we would get A Picture proving my physical existence at something.

When I'd be on my own there wouldn't even be that. In fact, for all my Singapore time nearly the only pictures I have of me are some I took with the timer of myself trying to provide my brother and his wife with photographic proof that I was there. These shots are generally bad, though. Maybe I can give them something from my sister's wedding, if they don't mind my being overdressed or wearing a silly plastic firefighter's helmet and sunglasses.

Trivia: On 6 July 1919 the R-34, a British dirigible, flew from England to New York City without stopping. Source: 1927: High Tide of the 1920s, Gerald Leinwand.

Currently Reading: Ball Four: 20th Anniversary Edition, Jim Bouton.


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