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[ Late, but happy, and you'll know why soon. ]

Sometime early last year my sister bought a Jeep truck Something. I'm not sure if she actually bought it or if she just acquired it through the various odd incidents which somehow surround her life. It's a family thing. My sister-in-law says her life has been surrounded with more bizarre little incidents since she changed her last name. But the thing is she had this aged, white, boxy Jeep-based vehicle and she simply didn't use it. I don't know what she does use, since she doesn't live close enough to her barn to walk there and taking the bus would be a very funny prospect indeed. Maybe she's got another car I don't know about.

The point is that she offered it to my dad, for the price of actually hauling it away. It was no certain thing to whether it would start: it's sat underneath a lovely tree in her apartment complex's parking lot for about eight months now, albeit without the battery plugged in, and with a slowly growing cluster of mildew spots over its outside. It got to looking like the anti-time stars from that animated Star Trek episode where everyone regresses to infancy, if you can believe that I'm not making it up. (It's the one which puts Captain April into the Trek canon.)

So, last weekend, we made the drive up and actually waited inside for a couple of hours because it was fearsomely hot outside. The new Toyota Something has a dashboard reading for the current temperature and it got up to 99 Fahrenheit. But eventually it cooled down some, and my brother-in-law reinstalled the battery, and remarkably, the Jeep Something started up pretty well and after a little roughness in idling proceeded to calm down and to drive very nicely all the way home, according to my father. I was riding behind -- which I believe was the third time I've driven the Toyota Something -- and that seemed to be doing fine, given that my father insisted on driving through yellow lights which I didn't have time to get through.

Back home, he sprayed and brushed the Jeep until pretty much all the mildew was gone, and it looks pretty good for that. Also its air conditioning works perfectly.

Trivia: On 26 July 1943 the Navy discharged Henry Ford II, with the expectation he would go to Ford Motor Company and keep the organization together in the aftermath of Edsel Ford's death. Source: Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire, Ricahrd Bak.

Currently Reading: Three To Zero: The Story Of The Birth And Death Of The World Journal Tribune, Joseph Sage.


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