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Then, tomorrow was another day

bunny_hugger and I did things all week that didn't involve eating, although quite a few moments did seem to revolve around that theme. That's in part because it was a mid-July week in central New Jersey and those get to be really quite hot and muggy and it's very good to sit in a cool, air-conditioned place drinking free refills. Actually, neither of us got what was probably what we needed to drink although the shortfall didn't result in us passing out or anything else exciting in that fashion.

Most of our eating was at local diners, in part because many of them will be open 24 hours a day or to similarly absurdly late hours since we picked up a habit of discovering at midnight that we were hungry and hadn't eaten anything since the previous morning. But there was a notable exception in Burger King, which we stopped at partly because I'd thought to mention Cheesey Tots, which she hadn't heard of. It wasn't clear whether she had overlooked them or whether they hadn't reached her home state yet. But they're a really wonderful fast food innovation, little bits of potato and cheese fried into a tater tot-size bite. She approved of them about as strongly as I do.

The Wednesday morning -- and it seems a little amazing to me I've only got up to talking about that so far -- we stopped in another diner, this one in a strip mall, with a curious layout that left us in a little niche side underneath shelves filled with mid-80s hardcover novels. As we were waiting for our order (or maybe the menus) a man sat down on the table just past ours, and he offered the observation that he had a sister, who looks just like bunny_hugger, but she's in London (which I suppose is how he knew that she wasn't her). I wasn't expecting that sort of comment -- or any, really -- so it wasn't until about ten minutes later that I realized what I should have said other than to weakly thank him for, well, I don't know but it seemed like a polite thing to say. It also forced me to admit to bunny_hugger that I haven't yet seen The Boys From Brazil, which was naturally brought to her mind. Remarkably, or oddly, this would not be the only time someone mentioned her resemblance to a person living in central New Jersey, or London.

Trivia: Around 1700 there were reported to be three thousand coffeehouses in London. This figure may be exaggerated; it comes to about one for every 200 people. Source: Tastes of Paradise, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Currently Reading: The Rise And Fall of The Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict From 1500 to 2000, Paul Kennedy.


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