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They never bury your bones

One of the rides next to the Star Jet roller coaster was Musik Express, another of those sit-in-a-car up-and-down type rides. This may seem like the pier was repeating its idea of having Rock-And-Roll next to the Wild Mouse, but ... that's kind of how it seemed to me too. But this had some important differences, most notably that the cars for it were wider so that bunny_hugger and I could sit next to each other rather than peering over the side of our cars to see how the other was doing. And this one again had a great operator, encouraging more interest, not to mention shouting and waving, among the riders, along with extended parts of riding backwards and forwards again. They really give you your money's worth on these rides. This was a more Disco-inspired theme, and there wasn't any overhang, but it was another good chance to look backwards or at a fixed point on the side and feel all the more dizzy as a result of that.

There's a third real roller coaster at the pier, this one a very compact, essentially indoors one called the Pirate's Hideaway, with the room it moves in themed as the name suggests. This was a very tight fit, and I was starting to wonder if I should sit in back, but somehow I managed to squeeze my legs in, and two people we didn't know were able to sit behind us. The ride wasn't long or very fast, I think, but the enclosing space meant it felt much faster, and we discovered on the way out that they take a picture of us at the first big dip. I completely obscured the kid behind me, so I suppose they didn't buy a copy, but we did: it was that rare time that I get a picture taken and I look like I'm having a great time, and bunny_hugger was too, and we took some time admiring it. In fact, shortly after we got our printouts of this picture, and were admiring the Wild Mouse again, another woman offered to take our picture, for at least the second photograph we got that day.

In hindsight it seems like this is the time I most probably picked up my injury, but I didn't notice it when it happened and so I can't say for sure.

Trivia: Winners in the longest stadium race in the Olympic Games arranged by Evangelis Zappas in Greece, held in November 1859, received (British Olympian Games founder) William Penney Brookes's Wenlock Prize of £ 10. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Utopia, New Jersey: Travels in the Nearest Eden, Perdita Buchan.


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