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You can fly, you belong to the sky

So, my injury. We went on the Kite Flyer, where one lies down and gets spun on a swing that rises and gives you the sense of looking down and seeing all the sandals which have fallen off. Or possibly they were dropped off by people who knew their sandals would drop off. My sandals, it will probably surprise no one to know, have three separate Velcro straps which govern how tight a fit it is on my foot, and would require considerable deliberate effort to accidentally fall off.

And now that I state this I realize I'm no longer positive whether the discovery was on the Kite Flyer or the nearby and similar Wave Swinger elevated swing ride. That one we rode later, after some trouble figuring out where the entrance was. But it was the attendant for either the Kite Flyer or the Wave Swinger who pointed out that I was bleeding, and he was right, whichever one he was. The important thing is that somewhere along the line I had gotten my ankle scratched, and a bit of skin was hanging loose, and I was bleeding at a rate just enough to look frightening although not really all that bad.

This drove us to find the bathrooms, so that I could wash off my foot and try to hold a paper towel against it long enough to clot. the top of it was naturally where one of the many straps keeping my sandal on my foot was, too. The bathroom did have paper towel dispensers, although they were infrared-controlled. I expected to apply my usual techniques -- wave my hand in front of the sensor, the wave my hand again, then hold my hand still in front of the sensor, then wave my hand again, then hit the sensor, then give up -- although this foiled me by providing a paper towel at my slightest motion. And then another, as I moved to get that one. And another, as I ripped the paper towel away. And again, as I ripped that one away. And again, as I tried to move away. Perhaps there's some way to get it to not dispense a paper towel. I dropped my loose change in the bathroom attendant's change cup. (The bathroom not only had an attendant and a tip jar but also a box fan set on the floor, much like many Singaporean bathrooms.)

Trivia: The United States team to the First Olympics, in 1896, consisted of four Princeton university students and nine athletes from Boston. More college students might have attended except the games, held from 6 to 15 April, conflicted with final exams. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Utopia, New Jersey: Travels in the Nearest Eden, Perdita Buchan. Startling me is how many of these little utopian projects I lived near at one point or other -- including one of them, an old White Russian enclave, which my father has mentioned as being there if I keep going along the road to one of the library branches.


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