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I'm gonna lose my way and you'll lose yours

[ Sorry to be late. Generalized relatives visiting. Ended up watching much of a quite bad movie titled ``Not My Life'' and marvelling at how ineptly British Columbia tried to pass itself off as being Colorado. Also at how this sort of movie seems really unchallenging to make or to watch. Typical reaction: ``You know, it's very hard for the police to find the guilty party when a person is strangled by her own flashback.'' ]

Ah, the car. We had left it for Seaside Heights in one of many open parking lots, yes, but we had an unmistakable landmark for it: it was on the street where the Post Office was. And we had walked past it again in the middle of the day while getting something to drink. How could we possibly miss it?

Fortunately our parking did not expire until 4 am, and there were times I wondered if we'd need it. We knew we were closer the Casino Pier rather than the Funtown Pier, but that's still a lot of small streets, and we spent a lot of time walking up one street and down the other without finding any sign of a Post Office. All sorts of landmarks looked reasonably familiar, such as a Bank of America branch, but they got to be lost in the haze of were they familiar because we'd seen them originally, or because we'd seen them while looking for drinks, or because we'd seen them earlier in the search for the car?

My best idea was that we should stop a police officer and ask where the post office was. This wouldn't require any great preparation: the amusement park and Boardwalk draw a lot of young adults looking for ways to get drunk and do something stupid -- the town has been an MTV Summer House twice, although not in the past half-decade -- and quite a few police officers in cars or on bicycles were moving around watching for the young and stupid. This would certainly have been a good idea, yet somehow, we weren't quite able to get the interest of any police officer to ask. Undoubtedly we were betrayed by what a responsible-looking pair we make, not to mention how we let our natural shyness overwhelm ordinary situations.

But we did, by process of trying every other possible street first, find the back of the parking lot where we were, and we were able to get in, to verify the convenience store we had been at and the existence of the post office we'd seen, and to search for the way back to driving homeward. Or, maybe more urgently, to find someplace to eat.

Trivia: The Matson Navigation Company's first container cargo ship, Hawaiian Merchant, sailed 31 August 1958 from San Francisco with 20 containers on deck and general cargo in the hold. Source: The Box: How The Shipping Container Made The World Smaller And The World Economy Bigger, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: Forgotten News: the Crime of the Century And Other Lost Stories, Jack Finney.


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