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Somewhere down in column B there's lobster Cantonese

I knew that it was going to be an antisocial sort of day for me --- on Friday --- when I woke up to the sound of my father banging things around in the living room and the kitchen. This may sound like a strange thing to insist, but I knew from the pattern what he was doing: he was cleaning. You should remember that the last really big joint cleaning exercise we had a couple months ago featured our yelling at one another and the breaking of the Tivo. I believe that latter was coincidental, but it certainly happened while I was cleaning it. In any case it's been a major source of tension.

And the tension was ramped up early on: as I stepped out my bedroom door I found a half-dozen cartons for 12-packs of soda. My father has had all sorts of issues with how I throw out these cartons, in particular that I kept wasting his time by throwing them in the recycle bin. Well, I thought cardboard was recycled around here. He had recently informed me, though, that this was the wrong kind of cardboard and it was supposed to just be thrown out. Also that he had been telling me this for a year and I still threw boxes in the recycle bin.

Yeah. Well, besides ones that I hadn't thrown out before --- he had put them outside the laundry room before, for reasons I couldn't guess --- he also tossed boxes which had, that morning, still had cans of soda in them. My father has some inexplicable obsession with emptying out soda boxes when there are inadequately many cans in them, which drives me crazy because I don't like them rolling loose or being stolen by the cats. Obviously, it was my fault for not throwing out the boxes when they were down to seven cans of soda in them.

So it was a day, for me, of staying in my bedroom and not interacting. I felt generally annoyed enough I even went out to eat, at the one remaining Chinese buffet in the area. It's, unfortunately, not a good buffet. I should know this --- I've eaten there a couple times in the past --- and once again the sweet and sour sauce was too sour, and the food that mix of warmed-over and dry and gummy that makes you think Gordon Ramsey should storm in and yell at everyone, including the customers. I didn't get sick from it, although really, I deserved to. I should've gone to the Arby's and loaded up on cheese fries instead.

Trivia: In a one-gram sample of vanadium, two atoms per week may be expected to undergo radioactive decay. Source: Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide To The Elements, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Most Famous Man In America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher, Debby Applegate.


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