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Vibrations flow, things will have to change

My father and I had visited my sister and her husband. As we got in my sister started talking about how she had been going to a ski jump and I should go too. I've not gone skiing for excellent reasons but I was surprised my sister had been, particularly in New Jersey in summer. It turned out that she had been talking about skiing on a Wii fitness device, and somehow I had missed critical nouns in that explanation. That's a different matter, of course, and after some nagging she finally talked me and my father into trying out some of the miscellaneous games.

And yes, the Wii Ski Jump was one of them. Apparently the system for this is to stand on a flat white plastic pad, crouched, as the Wii determines that my weight is noticeably different from that of my sister, and once it's satisfied with that then wait in a crouched position until you get the signal to ``jump'', which means to stand up straight rather swiftly. This soon turned into a minor obsession for me, as I would do one of the runs with reasonably good results --- a jump of about 170 meters or so --- and then crash horribly on the next even though I was doing the same work, sometimes drawing horrified looks from simulated Wii people. Eventually I finally got two good jumps; I still can't figure what it figured I wasn't doing half the time. It does make ski jumping seem like a very simple activity, though, particularly if you get a signal to jump.

There's also a fishing game that makes absolutely no sense to us; a game where you roll marbles down holes in a plate which I could do well and my sister and father can't at all; and a thing where you step on and off the pad with the directed beat. My father was a half-step behind the instructions pretty consistently. However, my mother's interest was raised by the discovery that since my sister had started running per Wii directions about half a year ago she's lost about ten pounds. She reports being exhausted and flopping in front of the air conditioner after that, but it's hard to argue something that gets you to exercise regularly with positive results.

Trivia: The first recorded instance of the Roman government interfering with salt prices dates to 506 BCE, three years before the Roman Kingdom gave way to the Roman Republic. Source: Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: Spectrum, Edited by Kingsley Amis, Robert Conquest. You know, it is hard to read ``The Midas Plague'' --- in which there's just too much production for people to use --- without thinking of what it's like to have a solid reading habit and wide-ranging interests. I could use duplicates to do my reading for me.


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