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But it's time you started living

Watching episodes from my newest DVD set purchase gave me a startling moment of self-discovery: I am imprinted to find my female ideal balanced somewhere between Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern. The exact proportion varies, but it's along that axis. I'm even mesmerized still by the 1970 fashions, except for a few really absurd pieces like a supposed dress that looks like somebody put a kitchen apron and feety pajamas in the transporter pod together. And I realize an apartment I had so much trouble turning down last year (it was a long bus ride from campus, and would have needed me to buy an air conditioner, washing machine, and fridge, all this when I was broke) stuck in my mind because it did bear a passing resemblance to Mary's place. I suppose if Land of the Lost comes out I'll discover what fraction of my remaining aesthetics are imprinted from the Sleestaks.

Another lion from the SingArt -- A Brush With Lions display. Artist Kumari Nahappan's ``Veera'': Having Singapore's national symbol, the lion, on roller skates depicts the fast-moving and lively way of life here. Veera means `the brave one' in Sanskrit. I feel that, like me, my lion's not afraid of change or to move speedily with a vision. The pirate eyepatch is not explained. Located at Merlion Park; you can see the outlet of the Singapore River behind.

Trivia: British King George III protested the rough handling guards gave domestic servant Margaret Nicholson after she attempted to knife him in the chest. Source: George III: A Personal History, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debré.


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