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Like a vision from a disco golf magazine

The next day of bunny_hugger's visit started late, since I thought we'd be more exhausted than we felt after the long day in Seaside Heights. It did feel to me like I'd barely touched bed when it was time to get up again. We started out again with breakfast/lunch at Jersey Mike's, a local chain of sub shops which actually somehow got its start in Albany, New York (there called ``Mike's''), the corporate history of which has intersected my father's life as a consultant more often than you might expect. That Tuesday we'd gotten a --- vegetable, or cheese, depending on your point of view --- sub there and we were taking in an encore, though at a different spot.

And so we decided to give miniature golf a try. Also, there's a place nearby that has a miniature golf course.Collapse )

In contrast to my most recent miniature golf experiments, nobody was attacked by vicious combat-ready Southeast Asian ants.

Trivia: Leading the drive to get the first space shuttle orbiter named Enterprise, after the Star Trek starship, was Richard Hoagland, later famous for the ``Face on Mars''. Source: Development of the Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Mysteries of the Middle Ages: The Rise of Feminism, Science, and Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe, Thomas Cahill.


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