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Fixing a hole in the ocean

The Elections Canada Frequently Asked Questions page specifically addresses whether it is legal to eat a ballot. Canada seems to have a lot more fun with their elections than the United States has. See also the evil reptilian kitten-eaters from another planet running in the provincial elections.

One of the nearly weekly little chores around here is that I'll get pizza from the place that has two-for-one on Tuesdays. Typically I get one meat-based topping to satisfy my father's appetite, and one vegetable-based topping to satisfy my mother's. Somehow my father insists I order better than he does. We get charged a random amount each week, which has ranged from as low at thirteen dollars to as high as twenty-seven. I consider this just one of the quirks one accepts from doing business with a local company. (The mean price did recently bump up, although that's probably due more to how everything decided to spend 2007-08 getting appreciably more expensive.)

The most recent vegetable option was onion. And ... somehow ... it was clearly assembled from a host of earlier pizzas. Some of the slices had a smaller radius than others; some were relatively large; one had considerably more onions and those were better-caramelized than the rest. It would be weird enough to have enough leftover onion pizza slices to make a whole new onion pizza, but the wedges were also cut well enough they didn't have a vacant spot in the center. I have no satisfactory theory to explain this pizza. Once again I'm brought almost to helplessness by perfectly ordinary daily transactions.

Trivia: Nearly a thousand individual investors were bankrupted, and fourteen brokerage firms failed, on the activity of 24 September 1869, when James Fisk and Jay Gould's attempt to corner the gold market collapsed. Source: Dark Genius of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, King of the Robber Barons, Edward J Renehan Jr.

Currently Reading: The Pacific War 1931 - 1945, Saburo Ienaga.


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