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Salsa and pickles and organic grain

Chris is a valuable new member to the Shop-Rite customer support team working the cash registers at the supermarket. His tag identifies him as new, in case there were doubts, but there are a few subtleties to the way he rings up the groceries which might also suggest this fact.

When sent to buy cat food, I'll usually buy 24 little packs because with three cats that takes care of us for a week with a day's margin, and I'll buy three of each flavor with a rotation of flavors because I was told that if the cats are given different flavors they start shopping around. I didn't know how the cats knew which plate was theirs, particularly since one broke and we have to rotate among five plates (two being washed, three being used) instead of two sets of three. But I trusted that the cats would know, even though lately my mother has been setting out different flavors each day. I guess the cats have decided they don't want to shop around more.

But in buying the cat food packs I try to get two of the little plastic trays which normally hold twelve Chicken (or whatever) flavor each, and pick out this variety, with each tray divided into four flavors. It's convenient storing, and some cashiers just ring up 12 or 24 of whatever one flavor is. Some ring up three times each individual flavor. Chris, though, took each little food packet out of the tray, scanned it individually, tossed it into the plastic bag on top of the cream cheese, and threw the trays out as I watched this inexplicably fascinating spectacle. And then rang up 12-pack of Diet Coke with Lime, Diet Coke without Lime, and Cherry Coke Zeroes as three dimes the Diet Coke with Lime.

Chris is a valuable new member to the Shop-Rite customer support team working the cash registers at the supermarket.

Do you suppose elder cats look with disgust as the younger ones who have only ever known wet food from plastic packs and so attach no importance at all to the sound of the can opener?

Trivia: Had sacrifice flies not been counted as at-bats for the 1941 baseball season, Ted Williams's batting average for that season would have been as high as .419. (Sacrifice flies were counted as at-bats from 1940 through 1954). Source: 1941: The Greatest Year In Sports, Mike Vaccaro.

Currently Reading: Whose What? Aaron's Beard to Zorn's Lemma, Dorothy Rose Blumberg. A guide to the various possessive expressions in the English language, including those nobody's heard of, like Bekhterev's Nystagmus. (That's the involuntary back-and-forth movement of the eyes, fast in one direction and slow in the others, such as happens when sitting in a rapidly spinning chair. And now that I know it has a name I realize I'm familiar with this sensation.)


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