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So it really makes me happy to introduce to you

Although I'm watching a surprising amount of Disney Channel these days it's mostly the cartoons, even the ones I've seen plenty of times before. They've got plenty of live-action shows; I just don't like any of them, what with not being maybe ten and pretty easily amused. But they put together something or other featuring The Muppets, and I'll certainly give them a try at least.

I don't know exactly what it was I was watching, but it was some sort of interaction between The Muppets and various characters from The Suite Life Of Those Two Guys and Some Other Disney Live-Action Thing. I think the premise was supposed to be that they were talking backstage about how they would put on a show in which the Muppets interacted with the characters ... I know this sounds confusing, but I could process that, I think, in about the same way I understand how every episode of The Jack Benny Show on radio consisted of them remembering what happened a few days ago as they tried to rehearse The Jack Benny Show. The important thing was Kermit pretending to be the hotel manager while Miss Piggy and that spoiled girl made endless demands.

I don't think I was thrown by the fact the Muppets don't have the same voices they had in the 70s. Who has, after all? It was the pacing which threw me: there were very obviously pauses being left in for where the audience should roar with laughter, but absent a laugh track the result was dead air promoting a sluggish feeling. Also distracting me was realizing that the Muppets were acting, more or less, like that had been doing around the time of The Muppet Show, but that's a program that current ten-year-olds probably have never seen, or maybe only seen when their parents forced them to sit through the DVDs. Perhaps the subtleties of the Kermit/Piggy relationship don't take that much time to grasp, but does it baffle kids to see these shows where these Muppets obviously know one another in way more detail than the usual guest stars to the stuff they actually like do? Has a kid today got a fair chance at understanding Gonzo?

Trivia: The film which researchers Charles Batchelor and W K L Dickson presented to Thomas Edison on 6 October 1889, showing the results of motion picture photography, consisted of Dickson greeting his employer back from his trip and saying ``I hope you are satisfied with the kineto-photograph''. Sound was provided by a simultaneously started phonograph. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

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