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Knew the players, knew all their names

So with bunny_hugger I had eaten, drove to what turned out to be a highway to the Shore, and gone down to visit my barber and eat pastry outside the shop next to his place. What was left but a baseball game? There's the local single-A team, and she was eager to see how it compared to her local single-A team, and ... ah .. the game was packed. When my father and I went to a game early this year we went about a half-hour early and almost parked inside the stadium. We were later, from trying to wait for my barber (and finding an ATM, which is another little story on the side), and the line was huge. We were ultimately able to park on the patches of lawn reserved as overflow overflow parking. Near the end of the overflow overflow parking lot.

It was a record attendance night --- I believe 9,538, but I'm not sure --- and perhaps not coincidentally it was Bruce Springsteen Tribute Night. Not that Bruce Springsteen was there, mind you, despite the speakers asking members of the E Street Band to come to the publicity office. They were just feeling very Bruce-ish, and slipped Bruce Springsteen icons in, and went so far as to superimpose the image of an Asbury Park Tillie on their usual logo. Considering their logo is ordinary a lobster, this produced an image I'm sure will inspire many children to have rich, fruitful nightmares in years to come.

Unfortunately since we got started late, we got there after all the proper seats were sold out and were there on general admission, which is to say, standing. That was rather nice anyway as we started to drift around the park, although we only got a little past the length of third base before we sort of settled down and watched in wonder as people kept getting up from their seats and vanishing for whole innings. At one point someone shooed off the elderly couple that was sitting in front of us on the grounds they had the tickets for those seats but then vanished themselves never to be seen again. I grant that I'm slightly prone to fanboyishness and will, given a ticket to a thing, stick around until they start sending security guards to shoo me off, but would you leave a baseball game in the second inning? And on Bruce Springsteen Tribute Night?

Trivia: In 1897 the New York Giants moved spring training from Jacksonville, Florida, up to Lakewood, New Jersey. Source: The Jersey Game, James M DiClerico, Barry J Pavelec.

Currently Reading: Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals, William Ratigan.


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