austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

And we can climb through time tomorrow

I like to think my life isn't significantly stranger than anyone else's, which is why I was annoyed to find a dragon on the third floor when I went out for a can of Milo. That it was a dragon is a guess on my part. Assembled was an odd bending tube that looked like a partly unravelled paperclip, maybe a foot and a half wide and about five feet tall, covered in papier maché. So it was more a tube of Straits Times fragments, with a nice tail curl. Also by the side, drying out, were cardboard rectangles painted red, I suppose so the dragon could polarize its hull plating.

I believe the purpose -- there was no one around to ask -- is to make a parade float. The university has a lot of ``field day'' type events, with loud noises and parades and such, so I'm guessing one is forthcoming.

While I never read many Scrooge McDuck comics, one that lodged in my mind had the gang in need of papier maché and so they went to Madagascar for it. As a child I believed Madagascar was just a huge place full of papier maché mines. Deep down I still do, but I've learned it also has lemurs, who presumably run the mines.

Trivia: The Little Armenian calendar counts from the Julian date 11 August 1084. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and Its History, E.G. Richards.

Currently Reading: Mythmaster, Leo P Kelley. This is a pretty odd goofy book; the titular character is a space pirate who goes around stealing embryos from unsuspecting tourists, then lives mawkish lessons about loneliness and true love. It's too mushy for space opera, and too pulpy for sentimental drama.


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