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I think I'll go out and find me a flower

My bathroom isn't really my own. For the most part all that means is on rare occasions I'll need to go and someone will already be using it, but the other major thing is that the sink counter is decorated in ways which would never occur to me. This consists of a sandstone soap dish which would be useful if we hadn't gone over to liquid hand soap and a little glass vase with plastic flowers in it. There used to be some more glass trinkets in there but I broke them by accident and they haven't needed replacement.

Over the course of the past year the plastic flowers have somehow degraded, with petals falling off and sometimes going missing altogether. I can't explain this since I've never caught the cats showing any interest in this plant, even though the kitten likes nibbling at the plastic plants in the kitchen. (She seems convinced if she nibbles something enough it will be food.) Maybe it's the natural degradation cycle of plastic. But the result is I decided to buy some plastic flowers.

Where I ended up was Michael's, one of those art supply stores with pads of drawing paper and plastic flowers and those ingredients that go into Martha Stewart projects you never quite get done and yarn too. Their plastic flowers are much bigger than I imagined they were but I assumed that I could trim the stems down easily once I got back home (this assumption was incorrect). They also had the flowers alphabetized (by name), which strikes me as alternatively silly and brilliant. I also realized that I didn't know what flowers were appropriate to go by the bathroom sink but supposed it didn't really matter.

The price label on the flowers incidentally said they cost $0.99 United States, $1.69 Canadian, indicating the Canadians are getting really ripped off on plastic flowers. In fact it's worse than that: the local store was having some kind of discount sale so the flowers were actually nine cents. I assume they meant that since the cashier seemed confident that was the price. It does suggest the Canadians are getting riotously overcharged if they're sticking to the C$1.69 price, though. But now we have a fresh little bouquet with stems that are way too long for the glass vase, and they have to lean against the mirror to not fall over. Still, I did my part.

Trivia: The cost of clay for pencils rose about sixty times over in Germany during the first World War; and at that, it was a low-quality clay not really suitable for that use. Source: The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance, Henry Petroski.

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