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At least there will be plenty implied

One of the things I naturally expect from winter is that it's going to be cold. Not just cold outside, but cold inside too. It would be easy to say this is Singapore life influencing me, since after a couple years in which it's always 92 degrees Fahrenheit and muggy with a good chance of thundershowers returning to anyplace with a climate should seem colder. It isn't just that, though. For example, before Singapore I lived in Troy, New York, and that's got plenty of winter for anyone what with the start of the coldest season arriving sometime around October 12th and leaving when the Sun expands into a nova and burns the Earth down to component atoms. At that the last segment of the planet to vaporize will be a chunk around where Hoosick Street meets Burdett Avenue.

But I expect even with the heat on it will never be warm enough for me. My father might object that this is because I have my room arranged so the air circulation is poor; and while I do tend to have a cluttered room it's not like, for example, I chose where the dresser in my current room should go. Also when my parents were fixing up the previous house to sell it they discovered that my protestations I didn't get much heat or air conditioning were not my imagination: the builders had decided to just skip a couple feet of duct work leading to what had been my bedroom.

Anyway, while the house had been feeling chilly when I got up I assumed that was just because houses always feel chilly to me, plus for the Extruded Office Product I have to get up before the programmed thermostat warming of the day (we don't know how to reprogram the thermostat) and when I don't have to get up I wake up in the middle of the midday assumption that there's nobody home so the place doesn't need to be that warm. So I was surprised to learn there was an actual certified problem with the heat: it turns out something in the furnace somewhere wasn't working. Happily it'd been warm this past weekend, but Monday was warning to be cold, and it was ... not all that much colder than usual. But I feel justified in having the comforter out even if sleeping under it leaves me with chapped lips in the morning.

The gas company appointment was in the morning Monday, so now while the house is still not warm enough, I do hear the furnace going.

Trivia: John McCrae's ``In Flanders Fields'' was first published in Punch magazine, anonymously. Source: Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour,Joseph E Persico.

Currently Reading: Comet, Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan.


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