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When windy weekend warnings tell me summer teases?

The library had one of its not-very-regularly-timed book sales the past few days so I was able to load up on what amounts to three shopping bags full of books. Oddly there wasn't much science fiction this time around; granted I don't read the stuff as much as you'd think I would, but they didn't have all that much to start with. And here I was down in my reading pile to only about a foot of books left.

One of the little scenes at the sale on Saturday was one of the book sale ladies talking with a kid who'd refused to go in and wasn't interested in picking up any books. She was trying several approaches, noting for example that there are many interesting things that can be read, and that a person could play football a while and read at other times of the day. Somehow while I was looking over mass-market paperbacks their conversation shifted and when I got back she was talking with him about the kid's mother buying him more toys than he could play with. I don't know how they got from that first point to the second.

Otherwise today was a wonderful day as the temperature goes, and a far as the smell of the air goes. It was a bit shakier on the rain front: while there were parts of the day that were just lightly misting, including when I was getting the books from the library to my car (happily), it also had stretches of extremely heavy rain. I see from other reports that north of me this turned into tornado watches and warnings. It was still pretty pleasant from my side of things.

Trivia: Skylab 4/3 astronauts Gerald P Carr and Edward G Gibson took antinausea pills after William R ``Iron Belly'' Pogue did, during the launch and approach to Skylab. Pogue was the one who got sick. Source: Living And Working In Space: A History Of Skylab, W David Compton, Charles D Benson. NASA SP-4208.

Currently Reading: Ship Ablaze: The Tragedy Of The Steamboat General Slocum, Edward T O'Donnell. The book spends a lot of time up front trying to explain why it isn't sick that residents of New York City were fascinated by simulated-fire amusements at Coney Island and the like, considering that his audience is people who want to read about the greatest single-day loss of life in New York City before 2001.


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