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There's also been a minor going-on in the break room at the Extruded Office Product that's had me inexplicably fascinated. There's various people who live in normal neighborhoods and so had Halloween trick-or-treaters, but as usual everybody bought more than they needed. So the bags of excess candy were brought in and left for any takers. The fun-sized candy bars disappeared first, of course, and then the packets of Peanut M & Ms were next. We got to notice the vast inequalities in Fun-Size Peanut M & M bags, incidentally, when I picked out one that had a measurably un-fun five Ms in it, when another guy at the table had twelve. Yes, peanut Ms will not be of perfectly uniform nature, but, come on.

Anyway, all that's left now is a large supply of Pixy Stix, and what's got me fascinated (at last) is the universal response to them. Someone stops in, notices there's a lot of Pixy Stix, and remarks how they haven't had Pixie Sticks in years. Then, they'll take one and start eating that endless combination of paper and the feeling that sugar is running out the corners of your mouth, and they realize that, yeah, they could go a couple of more years without having another Pixy Stix. So far nearly everyone's gone through this process, including several people who don't work here regularly, and there's no shortage of Pixies or Stixes yet. I don't know how we're ever going to get rid of them, particularly after somebody brought in a 24-pack of cheese danishes that should satisfy any reasonable free-snack-at-work needs.

Trivia: M & M stands for company founders Forrest Mars (son of the Mars Candy founder) and Bruce Murrie (second son of the hershey's president). Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richarson. (And while the Mars family doesn't let much out, what they have suggests there's several soap opera's worth of drama among the founding family at least.)

Currently Reading: Ship Ablaze: The Tragedy Of The Steamboat General Slocum, Edward T O'Donnell.


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