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I went to Radio Shack and actually bought something. Well, I buy a five-pack of videotapes occasionally, because I've been taping episodes of the Remastered Original Star Trek With Some New Effects for gafennec but that lasts ten weeks at a stretch (and I think they're running out, as the last two five-packs I bought were actually three-packs and single tapes taped together). This was actually going to the store to buy something, and it could even technically be considered radio related.

I listen to a lot of Internet Radio at the Extruded Office Product since it does see to help keep me awake or somewhat alert and I like catching what Jack Benny was up to. I haven't wanted to use the normal speakers because my door is invariably open (it doesn't close) and I don't see any reason to impose my tastes on whoever might be wandering by. So I was using the only pair of headphones I had available, which was a cheap set that came with the CD player I bought for my car (which has only a cassette player). Follow all that?

Anyway, while leaning back one day I tugged the short cable a little too much and the right earphone stopped playing things. For a short while I could fiddle with the curve just enough to get some sound, but it was airplane speaker-grade not-really-working. Therefore I figured to go price some replacement headphones and if they were reasonable to buy one. I had no mental model for what a pair of earphones should cost, but trusted that I could make do with the cheaper models. I'm sure one can spend as much money as anyone has left in the economy on extremely high-grade earphones with silver-core resistors and such, but I'm in the audio fidelity range of ``never really positive whether stereo or mono is on''.

What I found was a set of earphones with an eighteen-foot-long cable and priced at $4.58. The cashier asked if I wanted to open a Radio Shack charge account for this (no), and if I wanted the protection plan, which would allow free replacement for a year no questions asked for only $2.50. I didn't think there was a greater than fifty percent chance of the earphones needing replacement in a year so I gave it a pass. He hadn't realized how cheap the earphones were either (we talked about it). Also when rung up it turned out the earphones were $4.09.

While the earphones work very nicely and the extra play is good, I noticed two days later the foam was coming off the left speaker.

Trivia: On 19 November 1869, when the inaugural flotilla set off down the Suez Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps celebrated his 64th birthday. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: Assassination Vacation, Sarah Vowell.


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