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Each by ourselves we're all alone

I've got the house to myself this week, not to mention next week. My parents are off on vacation, finally, and so it's just me and the cats. They're spending Thanksgiving in Turkey, and don't think that they haven't been delighted by that for all the planning leading into it. The first trip planning started out nearly a year ago, as they were figuring out where they might go for their first real trip after my sister's wedding (the Cleveland trip, being not overseas, was thought to be as far as could be managed for a summer holiday given the expense and time going into the wedding) and the question, ``How about Turkey for Thanksgiving?'' was irresistible.

As usual they're going with the aunt we went to Cleveland with. They travel with her a lot because she can't stand not travelling. She's the sort of person who goes to Paris for the weekend just because it's so nice to be there even if it is for two jetlagged days. My parents don't travel that much --- they haven't got the budget --- but they would if they could. They invited me, of course, but I haven't got the budget even for these annual trips and of course I find it much more relaxing to simply putter around the house without getting into any stupid arguments about having lights on just because I want to support my ``seeing'' habit.

So for the time being it's simply me and the cats, and they're coming to greatly appreciate my new habit of feeding them. My mother had hoped to keep the cats from getting too nervous by packing a week or more ahead of time and weakening the associations made with the presence of suitcases; this was foiled by my father, who started packing for the half-month-long trip after my mother had already checked in electronically to the airport for the next day. I didn't need to take a day off extruded office product, as my sister-in-law was able to drive them to the airport, although I'll have to get their car back from her place somehow. The return is on a Sunday so that won't demand any days off either. In the meantime, it's both quiet and bright around the house.

The eldest cat has very nearly come out of hiding in the closet already, too.

Trivia: Michigan's constitution of 1908 claimed the western branch of the Montreal River as part of the western border of the upper peninsula with Wisconsin. Wisconsin claims the eastern branch. The dispute has never been officially resolved, though Wisconsin has kept the territory. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: First Down And A Billion: The Funny Business Of Pro Football, Gene Klein, David Fisher. Fun read, but I still have no idea why you'd want to spend millions of dollars to occasionally be trapped in a room with Raiders owner Al Davis. Loving football and having the millions anyway doesn't seem like enough cause.


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