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Just another mad mad day on the road

One side effect of my parents' holiday was the car problem. The earliest ideas were that I would drive my parents to John F Kennedy International Airport, since my parents like to fly in and out through there because it's the least convenient of the major airports in the vicinity, but this would have required me taking a day off work, or perhaps just not showing up onthe theory that nobody would notice anyway. I suppose I might have missed a cake that way. But that was avoided by the discovery that my sister-in-law has lots of free days and was willing to drive them up. This left the logical problem that there wasn't a way to get their car back from her to me, though, since they expected me to pick them up, and since that was a Sunday my theoretical absence from work wouldn't even exist.

The trick here is that they're far enough away that her driving down, then my driving her back up, and my driving back home again would be a real pain; but, they also don't have much need to drive past here so there's not a logical reason the two of them would drive down in separate cars and one drive back. One thought was that they might come down to the outlet stores, although they didn't have much to let out. Adding to this is the fact that I'd like to drive the parents' Toyota Something, which I'd driven maybe three times in total if you count moving it from one driveway to another (silly problem).

We did work out a compromise that didn't actually solve the problem of getting my car and my parents' car here together, but gave me the chance to enjoy driving a car that has no major or minor issues and even features a five-CD player and heated seats: after the dessert party I drove my parents' car home, and left my car with them for the week. Despite the pangs of conscience that I was abandoning my basically fine car I was able to carry on.

Trivia: Asparagus requires about 21 to 28 days to germinate. Source: The New York Public Library Desk Reference, Editorial Directors Paul Fargis, Sheree Bykofsky.

Currently Reading: A Short History Of British Expansion, Volume 1, James A Williamson.


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