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So we parked way out on the Kokomo

After being back home barely a week, my father flew out of John F Kennedy airport again. Happily this time I didn't have to drive him anywhere; my parents made an overnight visit of it to a friend on Long Island, and my mother drove him in. His objective this time was flying out to California where my other brother had gotten `tired' of California, so that he and his remaining belongings could drive cross-country back. It turns out --- and under no circumstances may you let my mother know this --- he's not so much tired of California as he is tired of the people getting mugged, the bus stops being set on fire, and the general scent of urine in the parts of California where he can afford to live, which is why he's eager to move to Jersey City.

For the most part this has manifested itself in phone calls in the evening to report that everyone is well and they're behind schedule and, oh, yes, it was snowing today. Also they saw Needles, California, which both my brother and father thought was the birth place of Charles Schulz (he just lived there for a few, impressionable, years). I've offered what advice I could offer, based on looking at the Weather Underground maps, although what I have to offer is along the lines of ``it looks like you'll be driving into a patch of mauve''. (My brother's question: ``What's that?'' ``Kind of a purple-grey.'') By the laws of coincidence they got into Albuquerque the same day, and in the same snow, as one of my friends who's on a much less-planned vacation.

It had been suggested that I go along to help the driving, but I declined on several grounds, such as that I can't drive my brother's stick shift car, and on unstated grounds like a week of driving with my father would leave at least one of us dead. Also it sounds like it's a loud drive home: my father claims he puts batteries in his hearing aid but nobody believes him, and my brother recently hurt his eardrum in judo exercises and so he barely hears either for right now. So the car conversation focuses a lot on the question ``What?'', with suggestions like ``Turn the music up'', followed by the discovery no music is playing. I'll stay where I am, under the cyan.

Trivia: Louis Blériot was on crutches when he made the first airplane crossing of the English Channel. He threw them out of his plane shortly before takeoff, declaring, ``If I cannot walk, I will show the world I can fly.'' Source: Famous First Flights That Changed History: Sixteen Dramatic Adventures, Lowell Thomas, Lowell Thomas Jr.

Currently Reading: A Short History Of British Expansion, Volume 2, James A Williamson. And you know you're reading a book written in 1932 when the author mentions how well South Africa has resolved its race problem, now that descendants of English and of Dutch settlers can finally get along acceptably.


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