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The finish of a long day's work

By the way if you were wondering how things at the extruded office product were going: on Wednesday one of the secretaries called me to ask how I was getting up to a meeting with a client the next day. This would be the client whose project, meant to be a five-week thing, got me initially hired back in May of last year, which you might recall got me three days a week of work for seven months in which I had one (1) meeting with the client and then a couple of days of SQL, dBase, ASP, and puttering around without anyone really noticing or caring if I were there. They want the project, begun but then cancelled over some budget issue, resumed again, and there we were. I hadn't heard until that point that there was a client meeting the next day, but, there you go.

I called the company's owner, since he wasn't around in person, to ask if I should meet at the office, or at his house (which is closer to me), or go up myself, and he thought it over and concluded that his house was probably better, and he would have to figure how he was meeting the guy (one of the first-floor guys) who does the server stuff for this project and who was bringing the server up there. Come lunchtime it turned out the server guy had concluded we aren't in shape, somehow, to have the server installed at the client's place and therefore there was no point to having a meeting the next day. By the time lunch was over everything was cancelled. Once again I could have slept in the entire morning and never known about the planned meeting or its cancellation and I'd have gone on, obliviously, yet correctly.

However as a sideline the server which had the web page stuff I wrote on it has been removed, and I don't know where it's gone. I just know I can't access it. This means incidentally I can't work on the other project I've been hired for, even if I had the components I needed to work on it, since the new server for that isn't installed anywhere either. And somehow I'm not able to arrange it so I can telecommute.

Trivia: In 1821 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams was asked to report to the President and Senate whether the United States should adopt the metric system. Adams concluded that it was likely to become the worldwide system of weights and measures. Source: The Measure Of All Things: The Seven-Year Odyssey That Transformed The World, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: János Bolyai, Non-Euclidean Geometry, and the Nature of Space, Jeremy J Gray. Incidentally the librarian was interested in how to pronounce János Bolyai's name; it shows how long ago I first encountered Bolyai that I thought of, yes, it is Hungarian. But ... doesn't it just look like you'd say it ``y(ah)n(oy)sh b(oy)(oy)''?


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