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Fish-stunning radio waves

And again old-time radio comes up with surprises for me. The station I listen to has changed its format a little bit, putting at 11 am (and 3 pm) Eastern a Jack Benny-based program (The Jack Benny Program proper, or one of its spinoffs like The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show, or much lesser lights like A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day or The Mel Blanc Show), followed by Lum and Abner, which is a fifteen-minute show, and followed by what can only be described as Miscellaneous fifteen-minute shows. For a while these were the stripped daily runs of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (the daring tales of a freelance insurance investigator, and yes, you read that correctly), and then they went into one of the Monty Python people reading a Biggles adventure.

The one that threw me was a serialized story of The Avengers. As in the 1960s show featuring Emma Peel and other, miscellaneous characters doing whatever it was they did while Emma Peel was inspiring all sorts of male-nerd fantasies. It started with that classic music, of course, played quite a long while considering they didn't have credits to be seen during it (of course, time in the introduction or closing music is also time the scriptwriters don't have to provide for), and several of the segments did start with John Steed reminding Miss Peel that they were needed. What the story's about is a bit of a mystery, but it seems to be including all the important pieces like quirky and unobvious pieces of a logic puzzle being laid out and the shockingly rapid death of anyone foolish enough to unselfishly help Steed or Peel.

What I haven't got is ... well, why was there an Avengers radio serial? Who ordered this? While I like the original show I'm not involved in the fandom, but I'm still kind of surprised I never heard of this before.

Trivia: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was the last regularly scheduled network drama radio show of the United States nationwide networks. Source: On The Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, John Dunning.

Currently Reading: The Last Three Miles: Politics, Murder, and the Construction Of America's First Superhighway, Steven Hart.


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