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Can't buy me love

I would like, just once, an interaction with my student loan people to start from the problem and not three rounds of them saying ``you owe us'' while I say ``do not.'' My consolidators were upset that I was several hundred dollars behind; since I was sending checks paid in full every month and got e-mails from them acknowledging receipt, I argued I could not be behind. They said, repeatedly, all would be forgiven if I paid them, and didn't grasp that I had.

The problem? Because my refinancing took two steps, I had two accounts and payment booklets, one for partial and one for the full amount. I paid both. This was wrong, says their telepathic instructions; account 1 was paid when account 2 was created. How could I be behind when I paid one and a half times my bill? Well, they sometimes took the check for account 1 as the only payment and didn't count the other check, though they cashed both.

It's only taken two weeks, but they finally agree, they received my overpayments and should have deducted what I did pay from what I owed. They'll write me back when they figure out how much I paid them. Meanwhile, could we have legislation that customer support people, even the lowest ranks, must pass the Turing Test? Please?

This week's Plaza Singapura marathon: 72 hours of watching movies. They hope to get in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Trivia: Pioneer 10 crossed the Earth-Moon distance in 11 hours. Source: Far Travelers: The Exploring Machines, Oran W. Nicks. NASA SP-480.

Currently Reading: Quest of the Three Worlds, Cordwainer Smith.


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