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I got me a bunk in the old Roney Plaza with breakfast and dinner included of course

Where we were driving after Cleveland was not back home, but rather up to Buffalo, New York, with the intention of seeing Niagara Falls. This was added to the itinerary as a way of coaxing my mother's college friend, the one with the satellite navigation system we didn't use much, into coming along with us so that we'd have one more person with us. Also, she travels extremely well with my parents. My mother saw no reason to go see Niagara Falls again since she saw it on a field trip in the 1950s somehow (and I never quite got the details of this straight), while my father wanted to see Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame instead. He was outvoted.

We'd hoped to get to the Canadian side, which would have actually marked the first time I'd in reality set foot in Canada, and don't think I wasn't looking forward to stocking up on the Commonwealth-grade candies that I can't get in the United States. Smarties are one thing but they have MilkyBars in Ontario, don't they? Or Violet Crumble? But this went terribly wrong early on when my mother's friend realized she had forgotten her passport, somehow, and we were all pretty sure that Homeland Security Theater gets all hysterical about this these days. We also weren't sure how she could have failed to have her passport on her; I'd kind of assumed she only let it leave her person while she was showering, since there might be a chance to go somewhere, anywhere, open up and she'd leap at it. She also sees everything on Broadway.

So while the promise of seeing Canada except from afar was thwarted, we did go Falls-wards, and ... along the way stopped at an Indian Casino for lunch. The food was pretty good, but we did lose her for a short while as she played some bizarrely complicated thing we never figured out, except that she ended up five dollars on it. This always happens, which is why apparently when they travel she and my parents won't stop at more Indian casinos for lunch. We know something's going wrong with probability and don't want to test things. On the way out of the parking garage we got lost and had to go around one and a half times, somehow.

Trivia: War Mobilization Director James Byrnes ordered the closing of all dog and horse tracks in the United States on 3 January 1945. The ban lasted five months. Source: Don't You Know There's A War On?, Richard Lingeman.

Currently Reading: Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into The 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body, Neil Shubin.


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