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And somewhere a hi-fi was playing a tune

Walking around what I thought was Goat Island, unless I'm thinking it was Green Island, let me take pictures of what I assumed was a hydroelectric plant on the Canadian side; it'd also do well for a supervillain lair from the Fleischer Studio Superman cartoons. (Someone may want to check what Canada's up to.) And there was a neat array of markers for describing the history of how people used the Falls, how there used to be private houses around here where you'd hope nobody sleepwalked. There were also quite a few plaques establishing but not a connection to Wales. A typical one noted that the plaque was slate from a Welsh mountain and commemorated the hymn-singing festival of the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association (Incorporated) held there in November 1929. This particular plaque came with an addendum commemorating the 75th anniversary of the event already marked with the main plaque.

I'm a bit sorry to say I didn't go to the gift shop on Goat, or Green, Island since the lines there did seem to be more reasonable. But the seagulls present were staring at me angrily and I figured I shouldn't do anything that might suggest I was getting something to eat.

And since I hadn't found anyone else I'd gone out with, and had only taken a couple of pictures for other people, I figured I should move along back to where I last saw anyone. I did linger at a few more spots, such as explanations of all the various birds in the vicinity, or the busses used to carry some people around somewhere, and found them all gathered by the gift shop, finishing sodas, and mildly upset that I'd been gone nearly two hours. Well, I thought that was a fair time to spend on something like this.

Later on I looked up maps and determined that I had been on Luna Island, I believe, unless it was a completely different island. But the important thing is that I'm certain that had I gone to the gift shop and looked around that vicinity --- which had looked unpromising to me --- then I'd have stumbled across the Nikolai Tesla Memorial. I knew there was one, but since I wasn't on the island I thought I was on I thought it was inconveniently far away. A shame, that, and who knows when I'll be back there?

Trivia: Professor George Forbes, designer of the power plant for the Niagara Falls Power Company, specified that the alternating current produced by it should be at 16 2/3 cycles per second. Westinghouse, contracted to build it, protested this low frequency would cause noticeable light bulb flickering and they could not produce an electric motor that ran on fewer than 30 cycles per second. They compromised on a design of 25 cycles per second. Source: Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World, Jill Jonnes.

Currently Reading: Understanding Physics: Motion, Sound, and Heat, Isaac Asimov.


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