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I'll stop the world and melt with you

That construction outside Funan the IT Mall? It's been revealed: it's a glass-enclosed escalator to the second and third floors. You're lead into a sporting-goods store or one of many Miscellaneous Stuff stores. MacShop and Apple Centre have Space Colony -- it looks like Sims on a space station -- and Tron 2.0, which lost me by not being Troff.

In the center was an I, Robot promotional show. It featured robot soccer, a cute little walking robot, and a ``Pneu-Robotic Band,'' a set of pneumatically-played instruments and jerky mannequins. The LEDs in their (sunglassed) eyes were cool, but the instruments played without touch, so the robots just wiggled near the guitar or xylophone. And I don't quite get a robot playing a Casio keyboard. I think the cables were off, as they seemed a touch off the beat.

They played Endless Drifting 1980s Melody -- you know, the one on whenever you switch to a 1980s FM station, whose singer may equally be Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, or Adam Ant, and which sounds like its Muzak version. It's not bad, mind, but it doesn't stick. With no robot singer and lyrics about the love they lost I can't say exactly which song it was. I would propose a new Law of Robotics though: ``A robot shall not drum solo for eight bars, or through inaction, allow the drummer to go eight bars with no change in tempo.''

Meanwhile on Spindizzy, Skyler's bunny-theme surprise birthday party went well. We planned to have the party yesterday, but Skyler went to a movie instead of the muck. Surprise! His birthday's Monday.

Trivia: 156 student newspapers endorsed Pogo for president in 1956. Source: Pluperfect Pogo, Selby Kelly, Bill Crouch Jr.

Currently Reading: The Compleat Enchanter, L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt.


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